Providing resources and inspiration for the homeless population of boca raton 

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thank you for your support!  you are making a difference!

how to make a difference

Love Boca Outreach Ministries needs your support.  We are committed to changing lives and improving our community, which your donations help make possible.  Your donation will help provide meals, transportation, clothing, basic hygiene and more to those in need within our community.  Be sure to ask for your receipt!
  • Imagine not knowing when your next meal will be
  • Imagine sleeping outside in a park with an old blanket as your only protection from the elements
  • Imagine having to hide all of your worldly possessions in the bushes and hoping that no-one steals them or that they get thrown out/confiscated
  • Imagine not having a regular place to go to the bathroom and not being able to shower regularly or with any privacy
  • There are no days off, you cant call in sick

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Love Boca Outreach Ministries has registered with to participate in their "Smile" program, which give a portion of purchases made on Amazon back to Love Boca Outreach Ministries.  It is available on most products; it is a great way to give back by purchasing things you are going to purchase anyway.

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donate basic needs

Below is a list of everyday items we need to improve the lives of our group participants.  These are everyday items which many people take for granted but for someone without access to them, they can make a big difference.

Personal Hygiene Kits

Shampoo & conditioner





Razors, shaving cream


Travel Case

Clothing & Accessories

Shirts, pants

Socks & shoes





Umbrellas, ponchos




Bus passes